The work of over 50 artists, photographers, graphic designers and print makers is represented throughout the building. Much of it comes from the collections of Terence and Vicki Conran and other items have been purchased from RCA shows.

Notable commissions include:

Richard Smith - Part of the advance guard of Pop Artists with Joe Tilson and Peter Blake, and a long-time collaborator with Terence Conran, has created a large colourful three-dimensional piece called "Breaking the Boundary" which is hung in Boundary Restaurant private dining room. Dick is an RCA graduate circa 1950 and many of his paintings are in the Tate collection, and quite a few in Terence Conran’s private collection.

Muralist Manuel Grinon Montes is the artist in residence - literally. In early 2007, Manuel started work on an abstract, in part Chagall-inspired mural on the main staircase. Starting at the basement and covering 7 storeys to the rooftop, the colour scheme moves from dark blue to lighter hues at the rooftop. Manuel completed the work in early 2010.

Illustrator Adam Simpson, winner of the Quentin Blake Award (RCA) 2006, has been commissioned to create the distinctive and characterful interiors for each of the hotel lifts.

Other notable pieces include:

"Light is Love" by Chris Levine, shown in the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition 2007 will be located in Boundary Bar. Chris Levine is one of the world's leading light artists, recently known for Equanimity, the historic hologram portrait of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.

Parisian graffiti artist Blek le Rat has provided a substantial 8-piece work that will be displayed at various points throughout the building.

Noelle Hoeppe is an established Parisian photographer who is famous for her sensual pictures of half-clothed women. Her work sets the tone for the small bar in Boundary Restaurant - elegantly sexy, and goes perfectly with a dry martini.

The majority of the art collection is located in the bedrooms and suites. As an example, Sir Terence Conran’s suite includes work by Sir Eduardo Paolozzi, Richard Smith and E Mulier. The British Room includes a David Hockey print with a personal annotation and a Ned Conran oil on canvas, to mention just a few. Please contact if you have any specific interest in the collection or simply require further information.
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