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To coincide with the launch of our En Primeur Club, we are launching an online wine shop. As we all know too well, the wine retail scene changes with every new week; once-reliable high-street names are disappearing faster than a good glass of Meursault, and the supermarkets generally fail to offer anything other than cheap mainstream bottles sold without any advice or guidance, and certainly no passion. Yes, the boutique merchants may be making a welcome return to favour, thanks to the aid of the newfangled nitrogen injection systems that allow us try a glass before we buy, but sadly they remain in the minority. Our response to all this? We are introducing a new online shop that is backed up by personal service provided by passionate wine professionals. We think it is a hugely exciting development and an ideal resource for you, our loyal wine-loving friends – or should that be ‘fiends’?

We are planning to specialise in providing a range of wine gift boxes, alongside a list of more than 600 wines available at competitive prices. We can also supply Riedel crystal glassware and wine-related paraphernalia, and have even negotiated special rates with Around Wine, the exclusive supplier of EuroCave – the essential wine storage system for any serious oenophile. Other wine related products will be added as the shop develops.

Château Boundary Wine Boxes

General Details

Availability: For many of the wines on the list, we hold reasonable quantities in our cellar and selections can be dispatched the next day. In other circumstances, we have arranged paid reserves that are held in off-site cellars, and delivery may take 48 hours or so to arrange. When neither of these conditions applies, we may be able to source additional stocks from our suppliers; delivery in this case usually takes a maximum of 3–4 days to arrange. Some wines are sold as bin-ends and as such are available on a first come, first served basis. Of course, we are always happy to offer comparable alternatives.

Ordering: We aim to make the process as simple as possible and also want to retain a personal connection. This is not a click-a-box-and-wait-for-it-to-arrive sort of system. Instead, we are real people – wine professionals – and definitely not a call centre or a charmless dispatch depot. Ordering your wine and arranging delivery is very simple. All you need to do is to call the office and we can check availability of the various wines. Alternatively, email your requirements to and we will respond without delay.

Delivery and courier service: We have negotiated reduced rates with a specialist wine courier company. For central London addresses, we are also happy to arrange personal deliveries. Delivery charges will be quoted according to the address and order size.

Payment: All payments must be processed and confirmed before the goods are dispatched. A detailed receipt and confirmation of the order will be issued by email.

Terms and Conditions

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