En Primeur

En Primeur Club

On Thursday, 1 September 2011 we launched Château Boundary En Primeur Club – our version of the renowned wine futures system, applied to club membership.*

Membership is based on a one-off fee. The fee is £300 for individual membership and an extra £200 for corporate membership, up to 5 named members. All prices exclude VAT. Like the Bordelais, but much less avariciously, we plan to increase membership fees each vintage. So, buy early to secure the best drinking.


The following is the initial list of En Primeur Club membership benefits.
Further offers will be added as the club develops.


  • On joining, each new individual (£100 for corporate membership) member will receive a £50 gift voucher, to be used at a future Château Boundary event
  • Advance notice and exclusive preview periods prior to the latest Château Boundary and Food for Thought events – we often sell out within 24 hours of the release of event details
  • Standard discount of 15% against all Château Boundary and Food for Thought event ticket prices, with the discount extended to 30% for specific events
  • 40% discount at Château Boundary online wine shop
  • 30% discount on all accommodation rates at Boundary Hotel on the night of a Château Boundary event.
  • 10% discount at Around Wine
  • Discount when dining at Boundary Restaurant after a Château Boundary event
  • 10% discount when purchasing Riedel wine glassware
  • Sommelier service
  • Six months’ free trial membership at Lutyens Club with all associated club membership benefits

NB: We reserve the right to remove or amend the En Pimeur benefits without notice.

Please email info@chateauboundary.com for further information and membership application details.

*En Primeur, or ‘wine futures’, is a method of purchasing wines early, while a vintage is still in the barrel, offering the customer the opportunity to secure an allocation of rare or sought after wine, before it is bottled.