Wine Gift Boxes


Wine Gift Boxes

Who doesn’t like wine? Hardly anybody is the answer – and dare we say only the boring? So, next time you are struggling to think of a gift for a friend, a loved one or a work colleague, or even for a corporate gift, call us. You might even want to treat yourself.

The Château Boundary team has compiled an interesting selection of gift boxes to suit a range of budgets and tastes. Whether you are looking for a single bottle of Champagne or a specific vintage to match a particular birth year, or maybe a tasting selection to entice the palate, you should find the answer to your vinous gift-giving needs here. The range intends to present the myriad of styles, aromas and tastes that wine can bring to our lives. Boxes are available in a choice of different sizes: singles, doubles, three bottles, four bottles or a half dozen.

  • Each wine gift boxes also contains:
    • Hugh Johnson’s Pocket Wine Book
    • Château Boundary professional sommelier’s corkscrew
    • £25 gift voucher for use at any future Château Boundary tasting event (additional vouchers in £25 denominations can be added) tasting notes for each of the wines provided

The below details are indicative of the wine. The available box range information will be confirmed at the time of ordering. For more information, please email:

Each wooden wine gift box has its own theme, and the following provides just a small taster of the options available.

The Pinot Box – 3- or 6-bottle box available

This box contains wines made from the seductive Pinot Noir grape and shows the different styles produced around the world – from its recognised home in Burgundy to more recently established areas such as Walker Bay in South Africa.

The Nantes to Pouilly Box – 3- or 6-bottle box available

The river Loire flows from the heart of central France, wending its way past villages such as Sancerre and Pouilly, to Nantes on the country’s west coast. Along its course some of the world’s most recognised wines are produced, emanating from vineyards located on or near the river – Sancerre, Pouilly-Fumé, Chinon, Bourgeuil, Vouvray, Saumur Champigny and Muscadet-Sévre et Maine Sur Lie. This box allows the drinker to follow the river Loire vinously!

Classic France Box – 3- or 6-bottle box available

France is synonymous with wine. Indeed, it is world-famous for it. To this day the majority of the world’s most famous and/or expensive wines come from France. Regions and individual names of wines have passed into everyday language. There is even a race from the UK every year ahead of the third Thursday in November, to bring back the first of that year’s Beaujolais Nouveau! This box gives the drinker the opportunity to sample wines from France’s principal and most famous wine-producing villages and regions.

The Claret Box – 3- or 6-bottle box available

Many of the world’s most famous names and wines come from the area surrounding the city of Bordeaux in France. The region has produced wine for centuries and has engendered much loyalty from wine lovers around the world. This box celebrates the wines from each of the key areas of Bordeaux.

The Grande Marques Champagnes Box – 3-bottle box recommended

You can rarely go wrong when giving Champagne as a gift. This selection allows to you to truly impress, featuring as it does three of the finest non-vintage Champagnes produced and available today.

The Tri-Nations Box – 3- or 6-bottle box available

Want to see and drink wines made in the countries of Britain’s colonial past? Believe us when we say that it is not just in Europe that top-drawer wines are made. This box features truly delicious white and red wines from across Australia, New Zealand and South Africa.

The Spice and All Things Nice Box – 6-bottle box recommended

This box brings together a selection of warming spice-and-black-fruit-driven wines from across the world. We are feeling toasty already merely writing this!

The Simply Chardonnay Box – 3- or 6-bottle box available

Why Chardonnay? Well, it makes some of the finest white wines in the world; it allows winemakers to show their talents in ways that other grape varieties do not; it marries well with oak but is perfectly happy on its own… This box contains Chardonnays from around the world, showcasing this particular grape in all its glory.